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    Merchant to Merchant Episode 9 - "The Way it's Always Been Done" (w/ Jesse Lazarus, Kravet)

    Jesse Lazarus is no stranger to pushing the limits. As the Chief Process and Innovation Officer for historic textile manufacturer Kravet he has fought to modernize the way businesses transact with the over 109-year-old company. In this episode of Merchant to Merchant we discuss the challenges of choosing where to invest, how to promote and cheerlead adoption in an organization, and where technologies can assist and where they can hinder.

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    Merchant to Merchant Episode 8 - Building Communities, Changing Lives

    Building community is no easy task. Creating that community and keeping your authenticity and your voice is even harder - and yet, somehow the three merchants from Atlanta on our panel this month have found a way to create opportunities for telling their stories and spreading their message, through commerce, and creating vibrant communities.

    From popsicles to messages of love and hope this panel doesn't disappoint. A very special thanks to Mailchimp and to Citizen Supply for making this edition of Merchant to Merchant possible!

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